Denim on a Monday

Denim represent democracy in fashion.
— Giorgio Armani

Denim on a Monday? Yes, we can, because who is ever ready and willing to wear a rigid, sandy poly suit after a fun-filled weekend? This mullet-vibe denim dress is giving me business in the front and a (subtle) party in the back and I am all the way here for it to make Mondays at the office tolerable!

So a couple of good news to brighten your Monday:

  • This dress is on sale at Asos, so order your true size and you will love it. Be cautious though- because you will definitely need an air-conditioned office to be comfortable w/ this dress during warmer months because it is made with durable denim and she is thickkk, Bebot!

  • These cool, attention grabber toe-looped sandals are also on sale at Asos. She is leather, she is square-toed, she is at an ultra-comfortable heel height, and she is fun yet sophisticated so make sure to grab a pair in this gorgeous ivory or classic black.

  • Last but not least- Klarna. Klarna will undoubtedly be your new best friend if you love shopping at Asos because she is Afterpay’s cute sister that takes money out of your account every two weeks. I know you.

So here we are on another week, Bebots. I wish you productivity, slayage in every #ootd, a killer workout, and big pockets of fun. Let’s dominate this week shall we!

Dress - Asos | Sandals - Asos | Clutch - Nordstroms

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