Summer Lake

If anyone asks where I am, I’ve left the country.
— Mike, Stranger Things Season 3

*ahem, ahem, in my Jonathan Van Ness voice*Happy August, gorgeous Queeeennnss!!! We are dead-smack in the middle of gorgeous Summer and I am loving all this gorgeous sunshine with my gorgeous free-flowing summer dress moment!!! Yaassss!!! *insert wide, over the top smile*

That’s right Bebots, what is easier than an easy one-piece wonder for warmer months? I have worn this dress thrice now and maybe worn it straight to bed.

I adore enjoying the lakes this time of year with family and friends. Stranger Things was this Summer’s lake house extravaganza theme to celebrate Season 3’s premiere. Of course, my Sweetheart and I will be in an intense Never Ending song training because it’s what devoted Stranger Things couple fans do. The 3-day weekend consisted of binging on Stranger Things, living room dance parties, playing a professional game of charades, eating well, and cooling off in Lake Arrowhead riding unicorn and flamingo floaties. We made sure to visit Lake Arrowhead Village to window shop before we headed home and this breezy dress outfit was perfect for the beautiful weather. Deets are below of course. What Summer traditions do you hold with your friends and fam?

Dress - Free People | Sandals - Free People | Sunglasses - Anthropologie