Sacred Summer

Nothing is secret, everything’s sacred, how it ought to be.
— For Island Fires and Family , Dermot Kennedy

My goodness, how I missed you, Bebots! If you follow We Are Bebot on Instagram, then you know that Summer started early for Phoebe and I because we visited our Motherland, the Pearl of the Orient- the Philippine Islands! This homecoming was an epic blessing in particular because it was my siblings and I’s first visit back since our Mama Bebot passed. My sibs and I also had the opportunity to bring our significant others along and my family in the Philippines loved and accepted all of them with open arms. We are all back in the States safe and sound and although we miss our family in the Philippines immensely, my siblings and I have a new found purpose to work harder here in the States- so that we can take as much vacation time to visit our family in the islands yearly. So with that being said, it is officially Summer in San Diego and while I believe in working hard, you best believe that ya’ girl is ready to play hard with this easy Summer weekend ensemble featuring the cutest Summer skirt!

This wrap skirt kindly gifted by Lovedrobe will be my go-to for the season. The tasseled hem detail, easy faux-wrap design, and airy fabric is the perfect Summer piece to pair with your favorite vintage t-shirt or a simple tank top. This Lovedrobe piece is true to size and so fun to add to your Summer wardrobe. I have also been in love with this t-shirt more so because of what it stands for:

The way of the sacred feminine is about joining things that were never meant to be apart: the mind and body, our power and our vulnerability, the self and the other, the realness of right here and the vastness of the mystery of the sacred. -Lisa Gungor

I used to think that the sacred is to to be dedicated for holy use or to be set apart for the Holy God. But spending time with my family in the Philippines reminded me that perhaps every good and perfect thing is sacred. Happy Summer, Bebots! It’s good to be back.

Skirt - Gifted by Lovedrobe | T-shirt - Lisa Gungor (scroll to bottom) | Shoes - Nordstrom Rack | Glasses - TIJN