Salton Sea Beach

Nature is a haunted house...
— Emily Dickinson, The Complete Poems of Emily Dickinson

We are seven days in for the month of March and SoCal is actually experiencing weather! With a particularly wet 2018-2019 Winter season, the phrase “superbloom” has been tossed around lately when mentioning SoCal’s desert surroundings, and for good reason: Anza-Borrego Desert State Park is bracing itself for a colorful carpet of wildflowers, while Lake Elsinore is already blanketed in California poppies. During my birthday weekend vacay, Sweetheart and I decided to drive up and down SoCal’s desert views to soak in this peculiar weather phenomenon so I am happy to share new shoots, and of course, new #OOTDs this month on the blog.

This brings us to the Salton Sea- Salton Sea Beach to be exact. What a place. I wanted to visit this place because I was always fascinated by its bleakness and also, it was an excuse to take the Anza-Borrego Desert State Park route to see some of its budding orange and purple wildflowers. How can I describe this place? Eerie. Absolutely eerie. Do note that its salinity is way more than the Pacific Ocean (thanks, Wikipedia). Oh, and it's widely known to be an "ecological disaster" (source: science). Much like the Dead Sea, the Salton Sea has no outlet, and because of its surrounding climate, it grows saltier over time. The more you walk around, smells of fish bones and tetanus becomes an actual possibility because of the rotting abandoned docks and empty surrounding buildings. Visitors unlike us (Hellooo Photoshoot!) drive-up but don't leave their cars. Overall this place is a cautionary tale and I am sure that it would be a great hiding base camp in case of a Zombie apocalypse.

Visiting this area during Winter feels a lot like walking into the dairy section of Costco but with industrial fans blasting in front of giant piles of fish bones. It was cold, and this dope Lovedrobe jacket kept me warm (and safe) from Salton Sea’s ghostly elements. Order a size up by the way if you’re planning to purchase this jacket and definitely grab this if you’re looking for a puff jacket with the cutest overly dramatic faux fur hood. Overall, topping this Asos shirt dress with this cozy jacket gave this outfit the edge (and safety) I was looking for in this creepy photoshoot in Salton Sea Beach. But you should totes visit. At least once.

Jacket - Gifted by Lovedrobe | Shirt Dress - Asos | Boots - Torrid (similar) | Earrings - Forever 21