What’s New: Coffee and Its Shoppes

You’ve been my glimpse of Kingdom right from the start.
— Touching Heaven, Georgica Pond Album by Johnnyswim

Last night, I slept at around 5:45pm. Woke up at 7:30pm, microwaved leftovers from lunch and ate. It’s amazing what a good pork fried rice can do to your bloodstream. I felt human again so I did one load of laundry, washed and blow-dried my hair, then painted my nails. It was 10:30pm the next time I checked the clock, so I read a couple pages of my current read- What Alice Forgot, then knocked out in less than 30 minutes. I have a point to all of this. For you see, it’s Saturday now, 9:45am, and I am refreshed, dressed, sipping on my carefully crafted vanilla almond latte, and ready to blog. Allow me to tell you why I love coffee and its shoppes. Happy National Coffee Day.

Lately, coffee dates meant catching up with a girlfriend or dash and rush after work in gym clothes and edit photos, answer emails, and arrange my calendar. Keywords- DASH and RUSH. So, taking my sweet time on my drive to the coffee shop this morning, it dawned on me that it has been a while since I got myself ready (for only me, myself, and I), and just have a coffee date with myself and a creamy cup of goodness. I entered the coffee shop, soaking in all the familiar and comforting sounds of beans grinding, cups and glasses clinking, and subtle noises of community. Smells of roasted coffee and brown sugar ignites my senses as I take my first sip of the smooth vanilla “nectar of the gods” and I knew I was home. “You've been my glimpse of Kingdom right from the start,” Johnnyswim coos in the background. And it harvests the perfect, slow, Saturday morning.

Now that I’m re-aligned and relaxed, allow me to tell you what’s new:

  • Monday- I got the major case of the FOMO knowing that I will be missing Auntie Bey’s concert here in San Diego. FOMO was so real that I ended up buying 4 tickets before 3pm. I couldn’t let Auntie Bey down.

  • Tuesday -a good friend/sister reminded me to check on that friend that looks like she’s doing well because her IG game is strong. We all know that even our social-media-depicted-selves are only highlights, and is probably 10 percent of the whole truth of our real lives. Reach out. Connect. Don’t be afraid to answer that phone call and have a true conversation outside of blue and gray bubbles.

  • Wednesday- I have been fighting to stay away from the flu all week. I have been downing Vitamin C like an addict, going straight home after work, and even took a break from the gym. I think its working because I woke up healthy this morning. No body aches, no runny nose. Praises.

  • Thursday morning- I realized that I really need to work on gentleness. Enneagram 8 probs. Not everyone can take confrontational energy at 9am in the morning. Self, calm the freak down! Sheesh.

  • Thursday evening, part 1- Beyonce is THE BEST ENTERTAINER next to Michael Jackson. Period.

  • Thursday evening, part 2- Jon Foreman said it best- we are crooked souls trying to stay up straight. I almost popped an eye out at the concert because of a stranger telling me to sit down because she can’t see. Long story short, I literally went apesh!t because who sits down at a Beyonce concert?! The woman ended up leaving and I felt full-on Alpha Female, and then felt horrible at the end of the night realizing this woman came to the concert alone and was seemingly lonely. The Beyonce concert taught me that I still have so much to work on. Self, stay humble. Work harder to be kind specially when it’s hard. Sheesh.

  • Friday- I learned that losing sleep with your friends turned family to see the best living entertainer in the world will always be #WORTHIT.

So that’s what’s new with me. As I type and post this blog, I am grateful to stop, pause, and reflect. I am dressed, got nowhere to go but I am a happy camper enjoying all the familiar sights, sounds, and taste of one of my favorite pastimes. Happy National Coffee Day, Bebots. I hope it slows you down for a bit and tell me, what’s new with you?

In case you’re wondering, here are OOTD deets:
Jacket - Gifted by Lovedrobe | Shirt - Gifted by Lovedrobe | Pants - Gifted by navabi | Hat - Brixton | Shoes - Target (similar)