Travel Photo Journal: NorCal Summer 7/18

And you come to me on a Summer breeze.
— How Deep is your love, Saturday Night Fever Soundtrack by the Bee Gees

I can’t say goodbye to the final days of Summer without posting amateur photography by yours truly from this year’s Summer travels and adventures with my Lovebug. Besides the community, one of my favorite things about blogging is having a virtual diary of memories. This post might be a little self-indulgent but I hope it somehow inspire your growing photography skills or cultivate a desire to plan your next adventure. Wishing everyone the best rest of the Summer! Live it up, Bebots!


Santa Cruz

A trip up to Santa Cruz started my Summer with unforgettable memories and endless beaches. Below are snaps of the Santa Cruz’s classic and historic beach boardwalk. Also, find my photo of Capitola’s painted beach cottages and you will find my dream retirement location.

Also, for an incredibly talented group of hair and beauty stylists, make sure to check-out Click Click Bang in Santa Cruz. They also have the very cutest hand selected merchandise (just like the hat below) from local artists in there salon that is worth the visit for perfect souvenirs.



Do I have to explain why NorCal Highway 1 is the BEST drive in California? You’ve seen posters of it before- Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park’s McWay Falls- another one of God’s glorious mystery that leaves me speechless. Old Bixby, and California’s golden coast are other reasons why the CA-1 is the perfect drive for lovers and dreamers.

Tip - Make sure to grab a drank or some yummy eats at Cafe Kevah in Big Sur for breathtaking views .

Eats & Coffee

Yes, I’m that girl who takes photos of my food before I eat it. And beware to the one who takes a bite before I take a shot! JK. Below are a couple of my favorites:

-Verve Coffee Roasters is a staple in Santa Cruz. Any of their drafts are BOMB and they’ve perfected their avocado toasts.
-First Awakenings in Pacific Grove. Make sure to try their banana walnut chocolate chip pancake.
-The Penny Ice Creamery in Santa Cruz. All their homemade ice cream is just beautiful, but if you don’t top your ice cream order with toasted marshmallow, you’re not doing it right.
-Water & Leaves in Monterey. This coffee and tea spot is the cutest with local honey and their fancy digital tea machines to steep the perfect cup.



A true NorCal local loves their Redwoods. Hands down one of my highlights of this Summer is an adventure to the Henry Cowell Redwoods State Park. For a humble parking fee, the majestic 0.8-mile flat loop trail of this park will have you hugging every tree and leave incredibly refreshed and grateful for the air our Redwoods provide. They will also teach you a thing or two about contentment and being still.

Cheers to my Lovebug for being the best adventure partner a girl could only dream of. Thanking God that you came to me on a Summer breeze.