All Shapes and Sizes

stands for more self-love and less self-doubt, more compliments and less shame, more shape, more colour, more plus size!
— navabi

Honored and proud is saying the least to describe how I feel about being a part of navabi’s “Beauty Comes in All Shapes and Sizes” campaign. This past Saturday, a large billboard consisting of 40 international bloggers sporting their “Beauty Comes in All Shapes and Sizes” t-shirts started to be driven around the streets of two major German cities in order to reach as many people as possible with this very important truth. Can you spot ya’ girl?

Representation of beauty through diversity is why I believe in this campaign. More importantly, this campaign made me think of ways of how to make EVERY woman feel beautiful in my everyday life. It’s easy to rock a statement shirt, but putting my statement shirt into action is another story. So, I am challenging myself to do at least one of the below every day, for the whole month of September and because you are reading this, I am now challenging YOU too!

  • Compliment the first woman you see outside of your normal routine.

  • Write a flirty and fun affirmation with a dry-erase marker at your favorite coffee shop’s restroom.

  • Buy a bouquet of cheery flowers for a friend that’s going through a tough season.

  • Take a girlfriend out for a day date. Order in pizza and watch Sunday football. Try a new recipe together. Have some quality coffee and attend a Sunday service together.

  • Make/bake/cook something with a kick for a co-worker and label, “Enjoy this, cuz you’re smokin’ hot!”

  • Buy your favorite lippie and gift to an elderly friend or mentor.

  • Send a card to a friend or loved one to explaining why you think they’re beautiful.

Easy enough right? Please comment down below or tag #ALLSHAPESANDSIZES in your social handles if you participated in any of the challenges above. I would love to hear your story! To get your very own“Beauty Comes in All Shapes and Sizes” t-shirt, make sure to click here and to read more about this campaign, make sure to click here.


So much love and gratefulness to navabi. Thank you for your vision regarding plus-size representation and thank you so much for your continued support with a diverse group of influencers.