Airport Fashion

So pack your bags and tell him you going out of town, Cause I’m a trip.
— Trip, Kendrick Lamar Album by KDot

Guilty. I am that girlfriend who swears that it is a NECESSITY to have the best lounge outfit for the airport. Ultimately, some of the best sartorial inspiration of mine have been jet-setting stars in everything from sweats to stilettos. And now that we are in the tail-end of the season and on our way to a long weekend, you might be preparing for the last hoo-rah of Summer. Whether it be for vacation, a work-related trip or studying abroad, you've got your suitcases packed with your favorite essentials. But if you haven't given much thought about what you're going to wear to the airport, below are some of my do's for airport fashion:

  • No matter what season, layer, layer, LAYER. Airport temperature is like a woman on her monthly cycle. You get hot, cold, and nothing in between. Therefore, layering can really do wonders in the realms of both style and comfort. I wore this Forever 21 top and joggers matching set for the hot TSA lines and layered with a warm kimono for the plane's Antarctic levels.
  • Stay comfy. And by that, I mean wear comfy fabrics. These sweatpants are one of the softest I own and it was easy to move around narrow spaces on the plane.
  • Wear clothes with pockets or try a belt bag. When navigating through the airport, you’re going to want things like your boarding pass, ID, and phone to be easily accessible. Pockets or a belt bag just makes everything run a lot smoother instead of rummaging through our bottomless purses.
  • Wear easy, slip on shoes. Yes, those mid-calf lace-up sandals are super cute, but they aren’t worth holding up everyone (and yourself) in line. You’re going to have to untie and take them off before going through security, then put them back on and tie them up again once you’re done with the screening. Try a nice pair of zip-up booties, slip-on sandals or sneakers, or short block heels to be in and out in a breeze.

Now that our airport #OOTD is all set, where are we going?! I actually wore this airport outfit on our way to our Summer vacay in northern Cali and I can't help but be in awe of the fact that Labor Day weekend is only 17 days away! That means back to school is among us! Can you believe it? Speaking of back to school season, Phoebe and I are collaborating with Forever 21 San Diego UTC and co-hosting with other local influencers for a fun, Back to School Denim event in University Town Center (UTC), La Jolla location this Friday, August 17, from 5pm to 8pm. Come meet us and shop with us all including styling tips, refreshments, gift card giveaway, and a special discount to students and teachers with valid IDs. Phoebe and I truly hope that through this event, we can meet some of you local Bebots and pick-out cute goods at Forever 21 UTC together. We hope to see you there this coming Friday! Also, it's not too late! Make sure to enter the LEAH giveaway here for a chance to win a limited edition swimsuit cover-up for you and your Bestie! As always, we thank you so much for riding along with us and thank you for your amazing love and support!

Top and Joggers Set - Forever 21 | Kimono - Free People (similar)
Belt Bag - Madewell  | Luggage - Timberland | Sandals - Cononuts (similar)

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