What's New: From Monterey

The most beautiful scenery in the world is when our friends come into view.
— Bob Goff

Oh Monterey, I will never forget this visit. Short version- my sandals got swiped here. Here's the long version. We were walking along Old Fisherman's Wharf in Monterey, CA and found this cute area to take photos in. I changed into my heels then placed my very new, not-even-fully-paid-for-yet Free People leather sandals by a bush nearby. Mind you- a bush only 10 feet away, easily visible to our peripheral vision. A couple families and couples on bikes and on foot would pass by every 3 minutes or so. After 20 minutes of photo-shooting and ready to change into clouds of comfort, lo and behold, my sandals were gone. Thanks, Monterey. You are altogether unforgettable.

There's good news to this story though. After this NorCal Summer vacation, I called Free People to tell them my sappy story, hoping to score a free shipping code to re-purchase my stolen sandals. They viewed my order history, found out that I was a low-key Free People addict, and happily shipped me a new pair. You will be seeing the infamous sandals on STYLE on the blog very soon. 

Other things that are new with me:

  • I am OBSESSED with enneagram podcasts lately. Particularly the Road Back to You and Sleeping At Last podcasts.
  • I was browsing on all the posts I've created for We Are Bebot thus far. It takes a lot of effort, resources and time, but looking back, it's pretty awesome that I have this digital journal of memories that are only a click away. More importantly, it really does keeps me out of trouble and I am so grateful for a creative outlet, and a pretty awesome empowering community of Bebots.
  • I currently have an itch for outdoor activities. Maybe that's what Summer does to you, but I've been hiking, walking and paddle boarding on the bay, and hunting for trees to hammock in more so than usual. I am also indulging in ice cream a lot more. Hashtag, summer vibes.

Other than sneaky swipers, Old Fisherman's Wharf Monterey is probably my dearest pier along California's beautiful coasts. It was a gorgeous day to visit, stop and breathe-in what's new with me in this easy-going beach community, over some amazing iced tea with local honey at Water + Leaves. It is where I also realized that beautiful views, cute finds in boutique stores, bomb eats- they're good and all and Monterey provided just that. But still, nothing compares to when your friends and family join in. Besides my petty sandals story, nothing quite beats enjoying God's goodness with your loved ones and Monterey provided just that.

That's what's new, Friends. Greetings from Monterey! What's new with you?

#OOTD Deets:
Dress - Lauren Ralph Lauren, Belk | Purse - Urban Outfitters | Sandals - Rampage (similar)