Her Lemonade

I will be the blogger who is not defined by her size, but whom all sizes are mesmerized by her poise.
— Shenell, www.soshenell.com

I am extremely honored and utterly privileged to be part of Shenell of So Shenell's summer movement, Her Lemonade. Her Lemonade is an influencer-based lookbook lavished in hues of yellow with real, personal stories in hopes to inspire plus size women in all shapes and ages to embrace both the sweet and bitter (our lemonade). All amazing participants were asked two questions so please scroll down below to read my personal story and more importantly, click link below to view the lookbook beutifully created by Shenell to get this empowering movement rolling!


7/16/18 Update: For a chance to win a #herlemonade18 scholarship giveaway, please click here.

What is or was your bitter experience being plus?

My bitter experience of being a plus-sized woman is little to no representation of a leading plus-sized, full-figured woman in the entertainment business and media. Sadly, it is far more common for a film to initially feel revolutionary by using plus-sized characters, only to then make their plus-sized bodies the driving force of their plot and personality. I vote yes for more Queen Latifah movies (with movie budget equality) where her body size is never centralized. I also vote yes to a plus-sized Avenger, and yes to a plus-sized woman NBA commentator. Please and thank you.

What is sweet about being plus?

At We Are Bebot, my sister Phoebe and I aim to keep making “lemonade”. It is the very soul of our blog- to rise up and be better humans from life’s ups and downs. Bebot means babe, or hottie in Filipino slang but more importantly, it is our late Mama Bebot's name. Mama Bebot’s sudden passing was the most difficult trial my siblings and I have ever been through but Phoebe and I felt the need to create We Are Bebot as an ode to our Mama Bebot’s short and bittersweet life. Phoebe and I have grown to be so much like our Mama. She was an extraordinary, thick lil' thing and to defy to be defined by her body type was her art. So, We are Bebot is just that. It is a blog by two sisters who dare to just create and live life soulfully and with strength no matter what size. We have the opportunity to be the leading ladies of our small little blog with big hopes to show that every woman does not and should not have to be defined by her size.

Outfit deets for those interested cuz I gotchoo:
Shirt - Forever 21 | Jeans - Mossimo, Target (similar) | Shoes - Target | Hat - Asos | Sunglasses - Anthropologie

So much love and gratefulness to Shenell. You inspire ALL women everyday with your intelligence, passion for unity, and love for fashion. Thank you so much for including me in this movement because when life throws you lemons, grab it, roll it, squeeze it into #Herlemonade18.