Wonder Pinays

Filipinos don’t wallow in what is miserable and ugly. They recycle the bad into things of beauty.

PINAY • /ˈpiˌnī/ • noun


a woman of Filipino origin or descent; a Filipina.

Happy Independence Day mga Kababayan! It is the Philippine Island's Independence Day (real time) today and what better way to celebrate than to answer Patricia De Peralta's of Pinay Collective's collaborative question: What is your definition of being a Pinay? We answered the question below by visiting Wonderspace's new and ever extraordinary installments in San Diego so check out snaps and our answers to a question that has re-grounded our identity as Pinays.


Being Pinay


means that everything you do or say or become is an extension of your tribe and reflects your home team. You work and grind and live and love for your tribe. And in that, you are allowed to be completely and wholly yourself knowing your tribe is doing the exact same for you.

Being Pinay means opening your home for strangers and welcoming those unfamiliar into your family, because your family is messy and loud, but they welcomed your messy and loud first. The only rules in this household are love, respect, and eating everything Nanay sets onto your plate.

Being Pinay means loving and embracing all forms of art and allowing it to overflow into all you do, because the hustle is hard and art is the only medium that can express the color and beauty that is Pinay.

-Phoebe Liggs



I was a complete chismosa

and decided to chime in on her conversation while pretending to be heart-attack serious with "research" in my laptop at Paneras. It was her laugh that snapped me out of Patrickstarrr's YouTube make-up tutorial but it was indefinitely her distinct Filipino accent that kept me interested and felt as if I was well, home. Nurse lingo such as NOC shift, Trauma 1, and references to Kaiser assured me that this Pinay Auntie is indeed a nurse. Nars, as Jo Koy would taunt. It was obvious that Auntie has a playful and silly personality, joking that her God-given beauty is getting too old for long hours at work. Before saying her farewells, she ended the call with, Kahit ano para sa ating pamilya. Yan ang buhay, Kaibigan. Anything for our family. That is life, my Friend.

Selflessness is one word to define a Pinay. It is not common for Pinays to describe themselves as Boss Ladies or Queens. Don't get me wrong- Pinays are fierce to say the least. A lot of us just get our Boss Lady and Queen affirmations through actions of putting others first, service, working hard for what we got, and loving hard along the way. Just like my new Pinay Auntie at Paneras, whatever it takes to take care of our own. That's what we do. Mabuhay ang Pinay!

-Gerry Passion


Nothin' in this world like a Filipina girl.

-Marcus Davis Jr.

Our love and gratitude to Patricia De Peralta and Pinay Collective for empowering, uniting, and inspiring the Pinay community.