Wedding Season - Bachelorette

That dress is so pretty, it makes my stomach hurt.
— Megan, Bridesmaids Movie, 2011

Not every bachelorette party involves oiled men in thongs, shot glasses worn around the neck, and rhinestone-embezzled gear reading Team Bride. Although, not every bride’s dream party is a demure tea party either. The best fetes fall somewhere in between- a carefully choreographed mix of wholesome catch-up time, debaucherous “what happens at the bachelorette stays at the bachelorette” action, and of course, quality time with your best friend and bride-to-be while dolling up for the last "hoo-rah" of her singleness. 

 I always wanted an embellished or embroidered leather jacket and lo and behold, there she was. Studs and rose embroidery throughout, the perfect juxtaposition of edgy yet feminine in a jacket. The cute model was wearing this bodycon lace LBD that matches perfectly with the jacket. I fell out of my chair when I saw this whole ensemble while scrolling through City Chic's on-line plus-size haven. I survived, thanks for your concern. The combo is perfection and I had to get both. The dress runs true to size and includes a black ponte slip that acts like a Spanx to hold every curve together. The details of this vegan leather jacket are gorgeous and even more stunning in person although the fit is snug so make sure to size up. 

Completing this look, I decided to go for wavy hair, statement earrings, strappy sandals, with a personal attempt of a smokey, sultry eye make-up. My current favorite overall evening set, this whole look is easily my selection for a Bachelorette night for wedding season. If you are are looking for an extra bridesmaid that's somewhere between curvy, sometimes inappropriate, protective, and a low-key thug like Megan, invite me already because I am dressed to slay and ready to paaaaaartyyyyy!

Jacket - Gifted by City Chic | Dress - Gifted by City Chic | Shoes - Nordstrom Rack (similar) | Earrings - Zara (similar)