Spring Uniform

If you’re going to San Francisco, be sure to wear some flowers in your hair.
— San Francisco, The Voice of Scott McKenzie Album by Scott McKenzie

Hey Scott McKenzie, I am saving the flowers in my hair for the Islands but I do have flowers in my jacket, a statement piece on my ears, and my new favorite jeans. Signs of summertime was in San Francisco and I met some gentle people there.

Any longline jackets, consider it to be mine. This longline jacket was in my cart in minutes while drooling over Rachel Roy's Spring/Summer releases on their website. I might have bought more than this jacket but I am so happy with my purchases so stay tuned for more Rachel Roy around here.

If you watched my IG stories this past Sunday, I also can't fail to mention my new statement earrings from Wantable. Wantable truly helped me pack with ease for San Francisco so stay tuned this week to see what I kept from my first hand-picked items by expert stylists from my Wantable box. 

As a thunder thigh owner, the struggle is real to find a relaxed fit, cropped pants for warmer months. Cropped pants are usually too tight on my quads resulting in a hideous high-water bell-bottom feel while I aim for a relaxed fit to show-off new sandals or some cute ankle boots. James Jeans' Spring/Summer collection provided my cropped pant needs with their new releases and I must say- I finally understand what designer jeans are all about. I never knew that jeans can feel like pajamas and these boyfriend fit cropped pants are perfect for my thigh trunks. I wore my new pair wandering all over Downtown San Francisco and I could not have been more comfortable yet still look put together. Below are some of my favorites from James Jeans' Spring/Summer curvy collection and I promise you, they are of the utmost perfection. Photos are owned by James Jeans, click for deets:

If Spring had a uniform, this outfit would be mine. A cool, long line jacket and an ultra comfortable cropped relaxed jeans, this outfit was amazingly comfortable strolling around everybody's favorite city.

Such a strange vibration. People in motion. There's a whole generation. With a new explanation. For those who come to San Francisco.

Jacket - Rachel Roy |  Jeans - Gifted by James Jeans | Top - Zara
Earrings - Gifted by Wantable | Shoes - Report (similar)