This Is For Us

Poetry by a strong and soulful Bebot, Allie Moreno
For International Women's Day, 2018


This is for the girls who never saw themselves in magazines
For the girls who thought their thighs shouldn’t touch
Who lived obsessively by a number on a scale
And believed their worth was in their waistline


This is for the caramel kissed and beautifully dark
For the women who were never told enough
Of their magic, their wisdom, their spirit
And were shamed instead of celebrated


This is for the women who have lived, laughed
And have the lines to show it
For the women who have the best of years behind them
While the best is still to come


This is for the women who clock in every day
Every bit as glamorous, every bit as deserving
Of a life free of raised bars and ridiculous standards
Beyond a cubicle and a paycheck


This is for all of us
The thick girls, the bebots, the grandmas, the hustlers
The dreamers, the fighters, the creators
This is the moment because it’s time to get yours.


Allie Moreno is a Filipino-American poet and writer, born and raised in San Diego. She holds an MFA in Writing from UC San Diego and a BA in Literature and Writing from CSU San Marcos. Her first book of poetry, Still Prime, explores her identity as a Filipino-American woman, a feminist, and a trans-racial adoptee. Allie currently lives in Escondido, CA, owns a copywriting business, and teaches English part-time at Palomar College.