(Wo)man of the Woods

When you fall, you don’t have to stay down. If you want to make God smile, make plans.
— Young Man, Man of the Woods Album by Justin Timberlake

I'm pretty happy with my title. Be proud of me. 

One of the best things about traveling is the playlist behind each city I travel. It is amazing when a certain track drops its beat, it immediately brings me back to the where, what, who, and why I was at a certain place. Man of the Woods by former boyband pin-up Justin Timberlake was the album of choice traveling all over Colorado Springs and Denver, Colorado. I must say, it was totally appropriate! Colorado Springs is all Americana with every family-owned restaurant playing country and western while college students and ya' girl brought some R&B, funk, hip-hop, and some dirty ppppppp-op! 

Can we talk about JT's stylist for his Super Bowl performance? And overall his fashion style behind his new album? I totally approve and want all his pieces from his collaboration capsule pieces with Levis. And Warby Parker. Shoot, I want his bandanas and journals too. Oh and his Jumpman 3's? Supa fresh, Justin! Thanks for representing for us 30-year olds. You make us look ultra cool.

I see y'all with your Spring-ready outfits! So gorgeous and I am inspired! Give me a few more weeks and I'll happily embrace the pastels, florals, and lightweight anoraks. For now, this Man of the Woods inspired outfit is what I wore on my 2nd day in Colorado Springs hiking up and down steep stairs in the beautiful Broadmoore's Seven Falls. I was going for a little Kanye with the oversized long T-shirt layered with a hoodie and a lil' JT with camos, coat, and urban Timbs. Do y'all get the vibe? I'm not making this up. 

This breathtaking mini photoshoot at Seven Fall's "Eagles Nest" made my birthday wishes come true. I told you in my previous post, I was craving the natural only created by Divine hands. So, I made plans and booked a flight. And sure enough, God smiled through seven mystical frosted falls.

Jacket - Gap | Sweater - Champion | Shirt - Saint Pablo Tour Concert (similar) | Joggers - American Rag
Boots - Timberland (similar) | Hat - Brixton