Colors of My GOATs

The wilderness will figure some way to teach you a lesson.

This will probably be my last "winter outfit" here at We Are Bebot for a while. Spring and Summer are near and I can't wait to share cooler outfits for warmer weather with you Bebots. Until then, allow me to explain why I was so excited when I came across this orange beanie, orange compression socks, and green laces for my Danners and a green T-shirt to match.

The year before Mama Bebot passed, my Sis and I visited the Philippines to spend Summer with her. Before our trip, I remember carefully wrapping a journal as a small gift for Phoebe. My Mama had to move back to the Philippines when Phoebe was only in Kindergarten so I thought that the journal would encourage Phoebe to start conversations and get to know our Mama. Inside the journal were questions and prompts for Phoebe to ask our Mama in hopes that she would write Mama's answers down as a personal keepsake. One of the questions in her journal was to ask Mama what is her favorite color. We were together at Mall of Asia when Phoebe popped the question. Orange was Mama's answer and bought a clear purse with bright orange handles on the same day. Ever since then, orange has been my color.

My first car was a white Chrysler Cirrus otherwise known as the Death Mobile. That peesashet had me stalling in the middle of South 805's incline going towards North Park- the incline right after the bridge where you see Qualcomm to your left. Yup. If you remember anyone's car just come to a complete stop then slowly accelerating down circa Y2K, that was me. This cost my Dad's peace of mind so on the morning of my 16th birthday, my Dad invited me to come to the parking lot with him. There she was, a brand spanking new Toyota RAV4 in hunter green. I hated green and I was an ungrateful teenager so I asked my Dad why he chose that color.  "The sales guy told me that girls like this color," he answered. I wanted to punch that sales guy in the nose. Come to find out, my Dad's favorite color was always hunter green and he would drive my car every chance he could get during my teen years. As a young adult, I gradually gravitated to any shades of green. Hunter and Kelly more particularly.

"Wow" and "Whoah" with pure mesmerization is the natural language of Garden of the Gods. It's a sight that must be experienced in a lifetime. I was happy to bring some reminders of two of the most important people in my life through simple color choices. I can't see how I can experience greatness like Garden of the Gods without symbols of why adventure is a big part of me. DNA that's been passed down from my personal GOATs.

Jacket - Old Navy (similar) | T-Shirt - Danner |  Jeans - KUT from the Kloth (similar)
Boots - Danner | Beanie - Urban Outfitters (similar) | Socks - Amazon