What a QT

Some “us” time. My favorite pursuit.
— Wave, Man of the Woods Album by Justin Timberlake

Gary Chapman wrote a book that explores five ways to experience and express love in which he calls the Five Love Languages. Receiving gifts, words of affirmation, acts of service, physical touch, and quality time are the five love languages that Chapman believes each person craves. One of the five being the primary and one secondary love language. Tested through a personal preference quiz, my test results claims that my primary love language is acts of service and my secondary love language is quality time. I honestly think that I love a little bit of the five but quality time spent in Colorado Springs proved how much quality time (QT) makes my heart so whole. 

It's simple to find QT in Colorado Springs. A small town vibe but with city-life conveniences, I actually got a little excited when I saw people. Let's just say Colorado Springs is pretty quiet compared to San Diego's busy schedules. These OOTD photos are a perfect example. I took these at the stunning Mining Exchange Grand Hotel in the heart of Downtown Colorado Springs on a Saturday afternoon. Except for mine, I see no warm bodies either. 

You know what's cute about a small town? People will automatically know you are from out of town in any local shops. My pearl beret and bold red lipstick probably blew my cover in this laid-back mountain town. But I adore this beret! I am so happy it fits my huge dome properly. I thought it would add some softness to the oversized wool coat and utilitarian Dr. Marts. Paired my red lippie with my old but faithful red Herschel backpack and I was ready to explore Downtown Colorado Springs with all its family-owned shops, charming boutiques, and friendly locals that actually want to genuinely take the time to know you. Weird right? 

Colorado Spring's organic atmosphere confirmed that if I want true QT, a small town is the way to go. Each day seemed a little slower, an hour felt like two, and everyone is inside their homes by 5pm. Maybe it's because of the cold, but I had the best time sitting my behind down in fresh cotton sheets while ordering a movie in. Just me and my sweetheart, delivered pizza, and local baked goods. Staying in on a Saturday night while the sun hasn't even set just yet.

Jacket - Nordstrom Rack | Top - Free People | Jeans - Asos | Boots - Dr. Martens (similar)
Beret - Topshop (similar) | Backpack - Herschel (similar)