What's New: Part One

And now here is my secret, a very simple secret: It is only with the heart that one can see rightly;
what is essential is invisible to the eye.
— Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, The Little Prince

I often find that when my world is going way too fast, I have the habit of disconnecting, disengaging, disappearing. It's the triple D syndrome that slyly creeps in. I was at my local coffee shop the other day and I met eyes with a familiar barista's face as I contemplate whether to buy or not to buy a jalapeño cheese croissant. Just buy it. It's made fresh from scratch every morning. No preservatives. I think?

"Hey Gerry! Whats new?," said the friendly familiar face. "Hey Girl! What's... what's new with me?," I answered aloofly and a bit startled. As if she knew I have been in my own little world with no meaningful human connection other than the usual small talk here and there for the last two days. "What's new? Umm, I'm contemplating whether or not to get the croissant again," fighting to sound calmed and collected. She then begins to tell bright stories of her adventurous weekend, as her infectious energy of excitement with life slowly melt the cold of my heart.

How's your heart? A question that I have heard time and time again from close friends, concerned mentors, and church-ianity. A question paralleled to chase rest and contemplate whether I am my own routine's boss, or my daily routine is owning me. Now that I think of it, I believe I was startled by the Barista's question because oddly, there was something behind "What's new?" that transferred to my spirit in an intimate level. I felt as if the question "What's new?," was a kind warning, almost saying, "Slow down. How's your heart?"

Lately, my intended quiet nights have turned into nights of planning my calendar, surfing (and scrolling) the Internet, or catching up with who got traded next in the NBA. Next thing you know, it's almost midnight and I have to get some sleep for work in the morning knowing my whole being craves deeper.

Self- slow down. What is new? How is my heart? Well, here I go:

  • It's craving to be centered. Not by a box to stare at nor by soul-numbing social media apps on the phone, but realigned by meditation, stillness, and quiet.
  • It's craving to be inspired. Not by filters and apps of perfection but with the naturally imperfect, with sincerity, and the bonafide.
  • It's craving live conversations. No blue bubbles with short-hand texted words and emotions shallowly described by emojis.
  • It's craving the healing power of nature. The wonder, the mystery of a beauty that would never be replicated by human hands.
  • It's craving to serve. To get rid of excess and be freed by giving back.

So there it is. Jam-packed through the bullets above is what's new with me. Watch out for this series under the Life category here at We Are Bebot throughout the year as it transports me to a heart check when my world is going too fast. It can even be a diary of celebration because our hearts have victories too. Friends, thank you for reading What's New: Part One. But tell me, what's new with you?