V2K18 Dinner Date

Oh, every woman got one
Oh, shut it down when the time comes
Oh, pull out the big guns
Oh, and put your freakum dress on
— Beyoncé

Get your freakum dress on because Valentine's Day is in two days! What are y'all up to? Cute breakfast? Delicious lunch? Fancy or a romantic homemade dinner? Decadent late night coffee and dessert? All of the above? If you are celebrating Valentine's this year, I hope you celebrate it with someone who adores you because you deserve nothing less. I will be at work like the rest of corporate America then straight home to bed. I'll maybe pick-up a box of pizza. And a box of chocolates. Butttt, if I were to go on a sexy dinner date, this freakum dress will absolutely make an appearance.

So this dress is inspired from the House of Beyoncé collection, as in Queen B, as in she featured the same dress on her Instagram account 6 months ago, because great minds think alike. This dress is very affordable (considering Beyoncé's budget), but I discovered a dupe that is my kind of affordable that's under $20. Aaayyeee. 

I wore this dress around Coronado and it made quite a scene. Very easy to do when everyone else around you is riding skateboards and strolling in flip-flops but a lot were gracious, politely smiled, and looked away. Although I would not be honest if I don't mention that some people kept staring. I can't speak for them and of course, I am assuming but I like to think that they were staring because they were a bit confused. There's this girl, all glammed-up in a laid-back setting, wearing a form-fitting dress but she does not look like the average New York Fashion Week model. Yes, the fashion industry has come along way in the last decade, but even though I know I am not the usual body type people see in magazine covers, I like to think that I was representing for the 70 percent of the American women size 16 and up out there. And believe me girls, just for you, I made sure they kept staring. 

This post concludes V2K18 series Bebots! As always, thank you so much for following along, thank you so much for the love and kind comments on Instagram, and thank you for allowing me to have this little platform on the Internet. I hope all your Valentine wishes come true and if you don't care about Valentines at all, I hope you have the best Hump Day ever! I'll be currently working on an awesome collaboration so make sure to check back soon! 

Dress - Charlotte Russe (similar) | Jacket - Free People | Shoes - Steve Madden (similar)
Flowers - From my Valentine (Hi Vavez)

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