V2K18 Coffee Date

Your most casual encounter could lead to something bigger, so treat those interactions with that level of respect.
— Aziz Ansari, Modern Romance: An Investigation

Don't get me started on modern day dating. A whirlwind of emotions, we now have to date a person with two selves - a real-life self and a phone and texting self. Aziz Ansari's comical yet powerful investigation on modern romance proved that marriage 50 years ago was an economic institution in which you were given a partnership for life in terms of children, social status and succession, and companionship. Fast forward to now, modern romance wants the same economic institution but add the requirements of being best of friends, boiling passion, and the ultimate grade of being THE ONE. I can testify, finding Bae today is more complicated and stressful than it was for previous generations. We are more independent than ever. We are the people of free will and idealism and because of this, I really believe that we are also more likely to end up with someone we are absolutely gaga about. Hi Vaves.

Due to online dating, coffee dates are on the rise and have become the speed dating lair of the modern day singles and ready to mingle. There is power in first impressions so whether it be a simple casual coffee date for Valentine's Day or an extravagant French cuisine 8-course meal, first impressions should never be taken lightly. So, if I were going on a coffee date and meet possible future Bae, this would be my outfit.

Dear Possible Future Bae,

Yes, Bruno Mars is right. I am dripping with finesse... and honey.
Yes, I will wear a Chinchilla coat even though San Diego does not know what Winter is.
Yes, I will keep it casual with jeans. An adult, designer jeans to be in fact because I mean business. So show some respect. 
And yes, I will wear deadly pointy mules just in case you mess with me.

Gerry... Miss Passion if you're nasty.

Ok, ok. I am all talk and way more awkward in first dates but with this outfit, I'm sure the alter ego will make an appearance.

Can you believe that these are my first ever designer jeans? I have been drooling over James Jeans ever since I discovered a pair on REVOLVE's website and an Anthropologie store. You know what's the problem with most designer jeans? They only carry straight sizes but on the contrary, James Jeans caters to all women. James Jeans' Curvy Plus line is filled with curvy girl denim dreams so when James Jeans decided to send this curvy girl complete with thunder thighs a pair, I was grateful. A master of couture drapery and passionate about fit, woman founder Seun Lim carefully and accurately designs every pair of jeans by hand to masterly fit a woman's curves using only premium Turkish and Italian denim.  

 James Jeans sent me the Siren in a high rise skinny fit and I must say, I get it. Your skin and curves will know when it is luxury. So ladies, let's get our designer jeans out for our next casual coffee date. And if you are in search of one, consider James Jeans. It will be another reminder that we are so worthy and whoever grabs a hold of us is one lucky son of a gun.

Jeans - Gifted by James Jeans | Shirt - Forever 21 | Jacket - Ava & Viv, Target
Belt - Forever 21 | Shoes - Forever 21 | Sunglasses - Quay Australia

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