Holiday Dress for Less - Ugly Sweater Soirée

Thanks be to God for this indescribable gift!
— 2 Corinthians 9:15

‘Tis a love-hate tradition. Every December, in what can only be described as a bizarre ritual in which Christmas and boozy drinks are tenuously linked together via festive holiday knitwear and deemed a fitting celebration, the ugly sweater party is a yuletide tradition with questionable origins, unseeming relevance, and a ridiculous dress code. We roll our eyes when we’re invited to one of these ordeals, but inside, we secretly instantly want to have THE ugliest sweater in the party and look forward to the occasion earnestly. However, we still want to look cute for the IG photos, and maybe there’s a cutie you’re trying to impress at this year’s soirée. I get it. While challenging, it is indeed possible to still look fantastic while rocking a less-than-favorable Tinseltown knit. Our ugly Christmas sweater ensemble does not have to be ugly so below are my tips on how we can ace the ugly sweater style game this holiday season.

  • Have FUN with your sweater choice! Grab one with lots of festive colors or some pun-filled verbiage, because why wouldn’t you? The sweater is the fun part. Go crazy!

  • Pair with solid-colored bottoms. It’s best to keep your bottoms on the simpler side to ground the sweater of ours. Let our ugly sweater shine!

  • Wear heels! Leave your sneakers behind and opt for a blocked heel, strappy shoes, or fierce booties. It will elevate your legs and your outfit altogether.

Is Christmas really Christmas without watching Home Alone 1 and 2? This sweater was easy to add to my Asos cart for this year’s ugly sweater festivities. I was surprised how well this pleather skirt complimented my new ugly sweater’s color scheme and I love pairing sweaters with a skirt or a different fabric other than jeans for a nice updated touch. I finished this look with matching over-the-knee boots, hat, and hippie for a monochromatic vibe. And since this outfit is part of my Holiday Dress for Less lookbook, this whole outfit (minus accessories) were Black Friday deals that cost me under $45. So there ya go. We got the ugly sweater party covered. One more outfit to go for this year’s Holiday Dress for Less lookbook and it’s Merry Christmas, Ya’ Filthy Animal!

Sweater - Asos | Skirt - Forever 21 | Hat - Brixton | Boots - Fashion to Figure (similar)
Random wreath on street - Borrowed from neighbor’s door.