Showers of Blessings

There shall be showers of blessing:
This is the promise of love;
There shall be seasons refreshing,
Sent from the Savior above.
— There Shall Be Showers of Blessings, Hymn by Daniel W. Whittle

Oh DUMBO, a secret alcove of artists and industrialists back in the day, DUMBO is now everything fashionable, hip, and popular. In fact, it was these residents who came up with and spread the name DUMBO, as a way to try and discourage people from even visiting the neighborhood. How can you keep this secret forever? From stunning Manhattan sights to more affordable housing, a few brave local businesses helped pave the way for the proud neighborhood that is flourishing today. DUMBO can’t help but be attractive: from the Brooklyn Flea market to Brooklyn Bridge Park’s riverside views to good eats and iconic brownstone homes, it’s the kind of place I would want to keep a secret too.

It was a gloomy day while visiting Brooklyn Bridge Park and I couldn’t have been more thrilled to photoshoot in the midst of light sprinkles. The park was miraculously empty and I felt as if my Boothang and I are were the only people in Brooklyn. Travel tip: don’t be afraid of a little rain! It’s just water (duh) and results to cute, unique photos! Oh, and you’ll more than likely have the place to yourself.

Brooklyn Bridge Park was covered with trees turning in to the most brilliant reds, orange, and yellows and I was happy to dance in the rain with this comfortable and whimsical layered dress. I always wanted to be dressed in a full gown in NYC just to grab coffee and feel so blessed to be able to do so in an empty historic, gorgeous park with a morning of showers of blessings. Hashtag, blessed.

Dress - Asos | Jacket - Gifted by navabi | Heels - Report (similar)

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