Protect the Asset

The best asset we have for making a contribution to the world is ourselves.
— Greg McKeown, Essentialism

I had this shiny new list of what I was gonna be doing come January 2, 2018, because new year, better me, right? Well that all went to trash when my body said hell to the nah when January 2 came along. I was diagnosed with walking pneumonia that day and was ready to give up the ghost by night.

With no choice, my pneumonia gave me time to sit my butt down and reflect. Below is the edited list of my reflection notes because I'm pretty sure the codeine in my system was the one talking with the couple gibberish I wrote down.

  • Being a natural born planner is great, it relieves stress, boredom, and endless conflict possibilities. 
  • But plan all you want, if your body says no, it's a no. So always leave room for change.
  • Girlfriends are diamonds. The ones that deliver soup and crackers to your doorstep complete with a prayer note are rare gifts and should be treated as such.
  • Social media breaks are genius and medicine for the soul.
  • Shout-out to Jesus. He has healed me from heartaches, and now, walking pneumonia. You guys, call me dramatic but I've never had pneumonia before and I was ready to text my favorites on my contact list to give them instructions on my funeral outfit. I survived so, praises to the Lamb!

And if I have to mention one lesson from my 5 days of death, it would be to have a TV marathon at least once a month. My nature is to be out and about and the only reason why I would sit and stare at a box for a whole day is because my besties are near to cuddle with but even that takes a lot of preparation because of our crazy schedules. So, I have a new must-do for 2018:

  • Don't wait until your sick but intentionally schedule in a TV marathon one Saturday every month with a loved one. Only go out for some Chinese take-out or In-N-Out or a sweet tea run from Chick-Fil-A. Your brain will probably feel like a vegetable by the end of the day but your body will be rested and your gas tank will still be in full for the coming week. Clicks "Next Episode".

Le'ts talk about this outfit before I forget. This kimono jacket has been a favorite of mine ever since Fall came around. And you know it's still Winter fashion around here when my outfits  are looking half boy/half girl-ish. I just love the mix of masculine pieces in my wardrobe intertwined with a feminine touch. I would wear this comfy and edgy outfit over and over!

More importantly, HAPPY NEW YEAR BEBOTS! Indeed, January is a great month to get our lives together but more importantly, my walking pneumonia reminded me that I may have set goals in mind, but I must protect the asset first and foremost and my best asset is my one and only vessel! So I write this wishing everyone a healthy start to the year 2018 and stay tuned for some health and wellness inspiration throughout the month of January.

Kimono - Free People | Hoodie - Champion | Jeans - KUT from the Cloth | Boots - Jeffrey Campbell

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