Rock On, Coffee

Well, it’s 50 cups of coffee and you know it’s on.
— Super Disco Breakin', Hello Nasty Album by Beastie Boys

Fifty cups of coffee was the answer. The answer to overwhelming deadlines, a workout that made me question why I put myself through that stupid last set, and dinner plans scheduled right after work. I don't know about you, but I used to breeze through schedules like today. Every year, I am slower to move and more every year, I wonder what I would do without my BFF. *winks to my BFF with the green straw*

Sidenote No.1: Shout-out to the full-time Mom/Dad. You take care of your babies, your household, AND yourselves. I can barely take care of myself! You the real MVP.

I flew home right after work to change for dinner with the sibs and sigs. I opted for this graphic shirt contrast with "heck yeah I'm a rock star" jeans. That was corny. Anyways, I strapped on heels to add a little femininity and tied a plaid shirt to my waist and not for a weather decline but because I'm a proud 90s kid and I know who I am. 

True story- we all follow @targetdoesitagain on IG and she highlighted this shirt with a post. I mean come on. A graphic t-shirt with my BFF's name that cleverly plays on an iconic rock band's logo? Hekk yeah Target did it again. I immediately researched and found that it was available in my neighborhood Target. I am now 20 bucks less. Oh, Influencers! My heart loves them, my bank account swears they're terrorists.

Queen Lauryn Hill starts to beatbox and smoothly flows to "Tell Him" in my head as dinner ends with two round table questions:

1. What's one thing you love about your partner?
2. What's one thing you would change about yourself to be a better partner?

Sidenote No.2: What would your personal answers be to these questions?

I watched the significant others look at my brother and sister with pure adoration as admiration move from their hearts to their lips. Their answers were as solid as my outfit. Just kidding. Their answers were full reassurance that my my siblings are loved. #PRAISE

Drank fifty cups of coffee today. It rocked. 

T-Shirt - Target |  Jeans - Supplies by UNIONBAY, Nordstrom Rack | Plaid Shirt - Mossimo, Target (similar)
Heels - Report, Marshalls (similar) | Hoops - Forever 21 | Watch - Marc Jacobs, Nordstrom (similar)