Well, you told me I have a plethora. And I just would like to know if you know what a plethora is. I would not like to think that a person would tell someone he has a plethora, and then find out that that person has *no idea* what it means to have a plethora.
— El Guapo, ¡Three Amigos! Movie

A plethora of thoughts:

  • I am so grateful to live in a city where I can wear a thin maxi layered with a jean jacket, take-off the jean jacket and still be warm all day. In autumn. And almost throughout winter.
  • I am also thankful to live in a city where I can wear peep-toe boots. To think of it, San Diego is just a like a peep-toe boot. Not too warm, not too cold inside. 
  • I have been looking for the perfect cognac wide(ish)-brim hat FOREVZ. I am happy to say, that we found each other. Got engaged at first sight and got married when it quickly arrived in front of my doorstep. It's a happily ever after. Thanks, Amazon Prime.
  • How do you say cognac anyway? 
  • I am stoked for Zara's over-sized clothing this Fall. Yo- apparently, I am down a dress size in straight sizes while consuming bacon every other day. Life is good you know?
  • Peep my earrings. If you live in San Diego, there's a flower shop called Flowers by Coley off of Clairemont Mesa Boulevard that sells hand-made earrings like these. Mines were under $10. They also sell thoughtful gifts like our favorite Voluspa candles that's on our wish list and stays on our wish list because buying $30 candles is a major commitment. Like- $30 worth of bomb salt and pepper chicken wings or a candle? 
  •  More Voluspa talk- thanks to my fave crazy cool cousin Patty (pronounced Puh-Dee), a Voluspa candle in Suede Blanc has been burning in my bedside for a year now (I'm hardly home). Question: what's your fave Voluspa candle flavor?
  • I am all about bullet points. Cheers to bullet-point-kinda-girls. Keep keeping it simple.



To end this post, lets talk about this knot on my maxi dress. I would love to encourage you Bebots to tie a knot on your maxi dress next time. Because let's face it. Our fabric runneth over when it comes to these flowy dresses. So tie a knot if you want to:

  • Accentuate curves. #ayyee
  • Achieve a more "girl's night out" vs. a "lounge" vibe.
  • Showcase your shoes.
  • Save money on tailoring.
  • Leave the floor sweeping to our hard-working City sweepers. We all need job security. 

Til next time Bebots.

Always w/ Love, G$

Dress - Zara | Trucker Jean Jacket - Old Navy (similar) | Hat - Brixton, Amazon
Booties - Steve Madden, Nordstrom Rack (similar) | Earrings - Flowers by Coley (similar)

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