At Phoebe Liggs

I gotta testify
Come up in the spot lookin’ extra fly
’Fore the day I die, I’ma touch the sky
— Touch the Sky, Late Registration Album by Kanye West

Imagine a classic, traditional kite prancing in clear blue skies. Meekly soaring with just two pieces of wood, followed by care-free tails dancing in the air to its own symphony. It conducts spectators to a happy rhythm and blesses them with hope that they too, can fly. You can tuck it away until the next summer and faithfully, you will find it smiling, ready to serve, and enthusiastic to be used. When it takes yet another flight, you are sure that once again, you have witnessed a miracle. That's Phoebe.


Pee-Balls, as our mom comedically chanted, Pee-Bo! as our Dad continuously yells, Pheeeebz, as our Broskie tenderly requests or currently Ballsbee (with the beer toast emoji) in my contact list. Just like her nicknames, she constantly evolves, but always anchors to her roots.

Casted as Cinderella at Hickman Elementary School (yass brown girl, represent), a promising minister in her youth group during her pre-teen years, and the Class of 2013 President and Prom Queen of Mira Mesa High School. Currently majoring in Civil Engineering, Phoebe is a Senior @ California Baptist University. I assure you that she has forgotten all that she's accomplished in her very young life because honestly- she does not care. And she's forgetful. And she's scatter-brained, twinning with her siblings because #wegetitfromourmama.  Although, I can assure you on what she actually cares about. Phoebe pleasures on being a daughter, a sister, a servant, a lover, and a friend. Phoebe is the golden child of our family and my brother and I happily and proudly agree. She is my brother and I's best friend, and her friend's Instagram accounts captions her as "everyone needs a Phoebe in their life."

Back to the kite. During Phoebe's Junior year in college, she interviewed for the prestigious (trumpets, thats your cue) and competitive (louder, trumpets) position as a Resident Assistant in the Simmons Hall of California Baptist University (shout-out to 1C Cuties).  In an intense interview process, Phoebe was asked, "If you could describe your current life in a song, what song would it be?" With finesse Phoebe answered, "Touch the Sky: Kanye West." The panel of interviewers looked at her with surprise. Maybe confusion? I imagine them with WTF expressions. "Oh, you meant a Christian song." Phoebe said embarrassed. But with that answer, she scored the position. Because Phoebe is a kite! No one says no to a kite.


I remember the day newborn baby Phoebe was brought home from the Hospital. She remained at the hospital longer than usual because she started flying in our Mama's tummy even before birth. Flying in someone's belly comes with consequences so she was brought into the world with her umbilical cord wrapped around her neck five times. One cool afternoon in January, I knew I would finally come home to a new baby sister after my last period in 6th grade. She was in my parent's bedroom, in a baby blue bouncer that quickly became her favorite. It was just her and I. She was sleeping and my whole world was silent. That moment was when I met my dream come true. 

Now she is still a freaking kite, flying everywhere she could and sprinkling life wherever needed. I know I can never be like her. I am more of a "stay and die in one place" kind of girl. However, I am always in awe of how she does it- flying so freely, not worrying about logistics one bit. But with that question comes an answer. Phoebe's life proves that she knows she is meant to fly, but more importantly, she knows that she flies because of her Flyer. And with that, she enables me and others around her touch the sky.

Imagine a classic, traditional kite prancing in clear blue skies. Now imagine that kite winking to her Flyer. That's Phoebe.

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