Gerry Passion, A Lover

Growing up, I was the wide-eyed, annoying little sister watching my big sister’s every move. I weighed out every one of her decisions: 'Why did she pick out that top?' 'Why did she forgive that friend?' And I desired to understand the world of my big sister.


Because for a very long time, in relation to the universe, all she was to me was my big sister… ‘Ate’. 

‘Ate’ means big sister. A title given to model women, example, elder. An honored and coveted role. She was THE big sister. And she has been the best big sister any younger sister could dream to have. Yet through years of growing and molding and shaping and hard times and good times, I have let go of this neat definition of her. And I have gradually seen her to become more than just ‘Ate’, more than the perfect big sister that always does the right thing and the responsible thing. Because she has always been so much more.

This blog is for and by the Bebots of the world. And if any Bebot needs an example, look towards my Ate. Confidence. Excellence. Vibrance. She never outgrew the title of ‘Ate’. Life had uncovered and revealed more of this beautifully, complex character. 

So let me tell you about my best friend, my sister: Gerry Passion is a 90's RnB, soul and groove kinda girl. She is loyal, sometimes to a fault. She is a passionate follower and lover of Christ. She is the person you want on your team. She is a hybrid of urban and island and hometown. She is Summertime and celebration and golden hour.

Gerry Passion puts color and light into life. Walk alongside her for one day and you’ll see she doesn’t walk from place to place, she dances. She is bold and confident in her photos, and not that she isn't in real life, she’s just a little bit more goofy. She belts to Steffany Gretzinger and Beyonce alike early morning, full on choreo set in motion, not caring if her voice carries one accurate pitch. She’ll make the ugliest faces and say the weirdest things just to put a smile on your face, or maybe to just make herself laugh. She is a deep lover of joy.

Gerry Passion is a protector. She grew up raising her younger brother and sister, not because she had to or she was asked to but because it’s her second nature to protect and to provide. She sacrificed her social life, her childhood, so that she could give me and my brother ours. And she never asks anything for return, thats just who she is. She provides for her people, her tribe. When you are on her team, she will do whatever she can to lift you up ahead of the game. She is a deep lover of people.


Gerry Passion lives in a world above our own, a rebel of some sort. A little defiant, she lives with originality and class. If you go into her office building, you’ll know exactly which office is her’s. Her space is refreshingly different. It is adorned with her personality, photos of those she loves, rap lyric quotes, dried bouquets of flowers. Her space stands out in contrast with the bleak gray and florescent white of her office. That is just who she is: an innovator. And she proudly wears it on her sleeve. Literally. Her style is not defined to Pinterest or to the trends of the hour. She pushes the limits of what is expected, and wears them boldly. She is a deep lover of creativity. 

But one thing about her that no one really knows is that she fails.  She is known to excel in everything she does, managing to turn all ashes into gold. Growing up I did not know she could mess up, or I at least didn’t know of the possibility of her not always thriving. With all the originality and limit-pushing and confidence, not all things always come neatly into place. She has her mistakes, and she learns. And she never makes that mistake again. She learns and defies and proves. And this is the stuff of which she is made of, what allowed me to give up the box of “big sister” I’ve kept her in, her ability to fail and thrive and improve. 

This is my Ate. She is a whirlwind of love and feelings and joy and color and confidence. She is goofy and silly and does not take herself seriously. She is incredibly hard-working and only creates that which requires her whole heart.

She is my home team.

She is my future maid-of-honor.

She is who I want to be someday.

She is my biggest supporter and I am able to be who I am because of her.

Gerry Passion is more than just the labels of your own world, and mine. She defines her own, and is consistently living more and more into the woman she has always been. I am honored to start this project with my favorite teammate and she is excited to share a piece of her heart with you.

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