Ordinary people, extraordinary scars.
— Alive, Beauty in Between Mixtape by Kings Kaleidoscope

A gray dress. Undoubtedly ordinary before careful examination. Ribbed but soft textile and colors of autumn fringe is why this classic silhouette with its unique details found a home in my fall wardrobe. Cuts of V's flatters my plane chest line and thick stumps of legs. Bursts of rich red and a minimal hairstyle to frame these wicked earrings stamps this outfit complete.

What is life without textures of cuts and scars? Imperfect surfaces that are meant to be worn like our old favorite sport team t-shirt that leads us straight to our pride or the little black dress that makes us feel oh SO fine. We wear our faithful pieces of clothing unashamed and ready to flaunt but deep down, we wear it in hopes to tell its story.

Vulnerability frightens me (ENTJ probs), while helping people is just a part of my personality (when healthy). So in good health, I expose my personal life’s warped patterns believing it will help heal a troubled friend. However, I’m starting to understand that in my vulnerability, it magically heals us both.

A gray dress. Undoubtedly extraordinary after careful examination. Dang, I'm deep.

Dress - Zara  |   Shoes - Bucco, Nordstrom Rack (similar)  |  Earrings - Zara 

Clutch - Tory Burch (similar)