Holiday Dress for Less Week - NYE Glam

G, go somewhere, would you lose my number please?
You still out tahm ‘bout what you gonna be
Need to get some money
I shoulda left you, I shoulda left you in 2016

When in doubt, a black ensemble to party for NYE is always a good choice. This black dress made for curves is budget friendly, helping me kick-off 2018 debt-free. We are only weeks away from a brand new year and with it comes new resolutions. Resolutions can leave a bittersweet taste and I understand why. Who doesn't feel proud when a goal is reached but it plain and simple sucks when we fall short of our goals. 

Chance the Rapper's Christmas mixtape is the writing inspiration behind Holiday Dress for Less Week. The catchy hook of "I Shoulda Left You" is on repeat on my gym playlist and road trips since December started. Chance takes you to a ride of emotions, from disgust to enlightenment, to jam-packed confirmation. A perfect break-up song, it is an anthem of freedom from an ex-lover producing self-love and self-pride. Play this song the next time you get ready for a girl's night out and expect good times with a carefree attitude and extra swag in your step.

I don't have an ex to dedicate this song to because none is deserving of any dedication, but this jam urged me to think of useless habits and beliefs I shoulda left way back in 2016. Below are a couple and naming it, "My 2018 Anti-Resolution List".

  • I shoulda left fear in 2016. I shoulda left fear of what people would think of my personal endeavors a long time ago. No one is intensely critiquing and criticizing my every move. Proof? Because we all have our individual lives to worry about. All of us have our own daily grind and all of us are just trying to make it.

  • I shoulda left expectations from people in 2016. My love is more authentic without expectations that it would be returned. Self, say that again. My love is more authentic without expectations that it would be returned.

  • I shoulda left cursing in 2016. What happened to my speech? My speech has evolved to cursing way too much and even more in my head. Curse words did not solidify passionate expressions, cursing did not help to articulate further, gaining nada. Millions of alternative words are available to outwardly express how I feel. Learn substitute words and communicate well.

  • I shoulda left sugar in 2016. Ugh. Sugar has no nutritional value. *Takes another bite of homemade brownies.*

  • I shoulda left my cell phone in 2016. Seriously though, I NEED TO LEAVE MY CELL PHONE IN MY PURSE. The world can wait, but quality time with my loved ones are precious and not guaranteed.

Year 2017, I leave you with fear, expectations from people, cursing, and my cell phone when with loved ones. I still need to pray for the sugar part. Cliché, but one is healed when revealedJay-Z was right on the money with that one so comment down below on what you shoulda left in 2016.

Friends, it has been a joy to put together this affordable, holiday-inspired lookbook. It makes me happy to assemble looks but writing with intention in hopes to inspire in the midst of these style posts is my joy. Merry Christmas, Bebots. I can not wait to continue this blogging journey with you all in 2018. 

Dress - Asos (similar) | Shoes - Steven Madden, Nordstrom Rack (similar)
Necklace - Thalia Sodi, Macy's (similar) | Ring  - Old Navy (similar) | Clutch - INC, Macy's