Holiday Dress for Less Week - Ugly Sweater Soirée

Old man weepin’ in the corner, Cold again, it snowed again
Old man waitin’ by the corner, Waitin’ on winter again
He needs help, He needs help, He needs Heaven

How to make your Christmas ugly sweater look pretty for your upcoming ugly sweater soirée:

  1. Don't spend money on an ugly sweater. Do invest in a dope ugly sweater to rep your team because Christmas Day means Christmas basketball games. Tip: Buy team Christmas ugly sweaters in the middle of summer for discounts. I got you.

  2. Add a tutu and heels.

  3. Wash hair and add falsies.

  4. Wear girlie socks.

  5. Add balloons because if your whole outfit goes south, the balloons are good distraction.

Chicago Bulls has been my team ever since my Dad introduced me to his sports hero, the GOAT, Michael Jordan. Count on my Dad to turn on his selective hearing skills when MJ was playing. I would confess that I have detention for the whole week in grade school and my Dad will say a quick and short "OK" when MJ was on TV. My Dad and his girls' passion for the Bulls reignited when D. Rose came into the scene but after injuries due to his shoe brand of choice (team Nike 4evz), we are back to square one of the long-awaited re-do of the Bulls dynasty circa 1990's.

Basketball is THE sport of the Philippines. I could hear Mama Bebot's Mom- my forever Queen, Nanay chanting, "Jaworski! Jaworski! Jaworski!," as early as I could remember. R. Jaworski is the equivalent to Michael Jordan in the Islands so it's easy to say that basketball fanatics run in the family.

We also have amazing street children basketball players in the Philippines. They happily hoop with tenacity in flip-flops or bare feet not by choice but because of lack and poverty. I think of these kids often during Christmas Day basketball games here in the States. The difference is from east to west when it comes to my life here in the states versus street kids in the Philippines. It's a humbling experience, a rumination that real joy is not found in material gifts, and that hardship can never shake joy that comes from within. 

Ugly Sweater - Amazon | Jacket - Forever 21 (similar) | Skirt - Liz Claiborne, JCPenney (similar) | Stockings - ASOS | Shoes - JCrew Factory