Holiday Dress for Less Week - The Office Party

It goes kick, kick, foot down
Kick, kick, don’t look down
Take a step back, turn around
Who taught you how to step?

The awkward and most fashionably-complicated party rolls around this time of year- the office party... dun, dun, DUNNN.

Is this too much cleavage? Is this dress too short? Should I wear stockings? Is this color too flashy?

Personally, the answer is... JUST GO FOR IT, BEBOT! Go for it because women should not be sexualized or undermined just because of a form-fitting or loud dress but that's another blog post. Go for it because let's face it, everyone will be drunk and forget about what you wore come Monday. You're good.

This year, my office party dress of choice is this sequined power pantsuit. One- because I wanted to wear something other than a dress. Two- I can't even lie, this pantsuit makes me feel #likeaboss. Three- this pantsuit set was on sale for under $55 from a woman-owned small e-business. Lastly- I would feel safer on the dance floor in these pants in case the creepy drunk guest from last year's party tries to grind on me again. My company's Safety Officer would be so proud of me.

After the long, and awaited? CEO's speech finally comes to a close, Cupid Shuffle's beat drops and we can count on it to break down the office's seniorities and formalities. Happy (tipsy) bosses are loose, beautiful young couples on the dance floor are in love, and old-timers busts out moves of their era. The office party is uneasy but nostalgic. Come to think of it, I think it's just appropriate to celebrate the holidays with colleagues we engage with more than we do with our own family.

So, it's okay. Wear that dress (or pants) to the office party because you will look amazing. Also, make sure to get up and dance when the Cupid Shuffle starts to play and watch the awkwardness quickly fade away. 

Suit - Inavie | Shoes - Calvin Klein, Macy's (similar) | Earrings - BaubleBar | Clutch - Nordstrom Rack (similar)