Beautifully Beastly

Sometimes you gotta be a beauty and a beast.
— Nicki Minaj

I knew every word and every song to Beauty and the Beast at a tender age of 8. The classic groove opener of little town, it's a quiet village meant the start of my dearest two-hour tale of old as time. As the new kid on the block in the States, Beauty and the Beast was my first Disney movie and was always fascinated by its holder of time- the Beast's enchanted rose. 

Ultra baggy and perfectly slouchy, this sweater is beautiful and beastly. Its displaced fringes, bold illustration, and huge size reminds me of the Beast while its soft and feminine fit is reminiscent of Belle's beauty. It was a perfect and cozy choice for sweater weather in a little town, full of little people.

Complete with a daring intarsia rose image that certainly howls Beast, leaving me with questions as to why the Beast just waited in the castle even with a very obvious and aggressive time-keeper such as the enchanted rose. What if Belle's Dad never got lost? Beast remained complacent and stagnant with every petal dropped. Continually grumpy and mean, the Beast manipulated an atmosphere of cold and lonely throughout the castle and its spell-casted tenants.

The last week of every year is another personal petal drop. I am turning 33 in two months meaning another year closer to old-er. I am sure many of us feels the same, leaving this getting older thing burning with an even bigger fire within unlike the Beast's enduring complacency and fixed awful attitude inside his castle. I choose not to sit and just wait for a beauty to save me but instead find beauty in leaving another year behind, hastening my spirit to push forward for time is devotedly limited.

Farewell, year 2017. One more rose petal drop equals beast mode to a beautiful higher calling.

Sweater - Free People, Macy's (in-store is usually half-off) | Jacket - Free People 
Jeans - Asos (similar) | Boots - Urban Outfitters

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