Travel Photo Journal: Christmas @ Big Bear Lake 12/17

Christmas is a season not only of rejoicing but of reflection.
— Wiston Churchill

Residing in a city where the beach is your backyard and mountain life is only 2 hours away reminds me of why I can't complain. So I did not get the Nintendo NES System when they re-stocked? All good, the beach has its free waves and forever salty air. So I did not get to see Jay-Z's concert when he was in San Diego? All good, because I got to wake up to free snow only 2 hours away making my dream of a white Christmas come true. My point is, life is not bad, material things still does not last, and Big Bear Lake City was the cutest mountain town bringing me Christmas feels and simple joys.

I present you with We Are Bebot's second Travel Photo Journal, Christmas @ Big Bear Lake! Click on my amateur snaps for details. 

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I am writing this with only 2 more sleeps until Christmas 2017. Going through these photos really quieted my soul, and became a tool of reflection. What do you do to reflect, Bebot? It's easy to get lost in the affairs and traditions of Christmas but I wish you quiet time, friend. And I wish you quality time to help you reflect on what really matters most this season.