Jacket SZN Week - Cargo Vest

Every cool girl is half boy.
— Somewhere in Instagram

Autumn is the beginning of the metamorphosis of half-boy Gerry. Big sweaters, baggy pants, over-sized jackets, and Timberland's galore finished with big hoops is where my everyday style is at in the chill. I often feel my best and most confident in my sweaty workout clothes after a good gym session or when I am in warm baggy clothes with tough outdoor boots good enough to kick an Ex and not even for revenge because I let that go a long time ago, but a nice Chun-Li turbo kick just for fun you know?

It is easy to say that this half-boy outfit is my favorite out of this week's lookbook starring another MUST have jacket for the SZN- the cargo vest. This old thing is a staple in my closet. Used year round, it is my go-to versatile piece that I layer with sweaters for fall and t-shirt and shorts for cool summer nights. Throw this on with a black bodycon, add strappy heels, and you are effortlessly ready for date night with your darling or your girls.

I am blessed with outstanding men role models. I can honestly say that the first man in my life is my Grandpa, Lolo. Emmanuel "Boy" Passion, his name alone instantly makes me feel safe. Secured. His life was dedicated to his family, his country, and his friends. He is the first man to make me feel adored and his love for me have set the bar high for suitors. Then there's my first crush- my Dad, Papa. Now I say my Grandpa was the first man in my life because I remember him being the most present. Papa moved to the States to better the life of his young little family so staying behind in the Philippines as a kid, my Papa was this handsome man that came around during Christmas and spoiled me with gifts. I loved him so and he was the man that I wanted to please. One thing that I really appreciate from these two men is how they react during life's tests and trials. They stand firm, capitalizing on truths versus endless possibilities that could go wrong, and they hold it down for their family with strength and beauty. 

It takes every ounce of me not to react especially in times of stress and problems, more so in my early 20s. I was a mess! I am very much still a work in progress reminding me of Holly Furtick's four statements on becoming an uncomplicated woman that I stand by until this day:

  • I am complex but I am not complicated.
  • I am poised, not perfect.
  • I am calm in the midst of chaos.
  • I may be in a high stress situation, but I am not a high drama woman.

From my Lolo and my Papa to women who inspires us everyday, half-boy style and half-boy 'tude is alright.

Vest - Target (similar) | Sweater - Stussy (similar) | Jeans - Supplies by UNIONBAY, Nordstrom Rack (similar)
Boots - Danner | Backpack - Herschel Supply (similar) | Socks - Free People