Jacket SZN Week - Boyfriend

This is my beloved and this is my friend
— Song of Solomon 5:6 (ESV)

I love a good boyfriend. Boyfriend jeans. Boyfriend tees. Boyfriend blazers. Boyfriend err-thang because over-sized is the right size exceptionally in the cold. "Cold like brrrr," as my Broskie puts it. So for Jacket SZN Week, this soft and swaggy Boyfriend jersey jacket MUST make its appearance.

There's a women's group that is very special to me called Pinky Promise SD. This group made a dent in my life that I will forever be grateful for. Often times in a kick-start group setting, you are asked to say your name and say a little something about yourself. "Hi, I'm Gerryyyy," I said in our first official meeting. "And, Jesus is my boyfriendddd," completely swooned. The women (all so gorgeous I might add) in the group laughed of course, but that very statement has been a testament to my personal faith walk.

On the Gram, I follow one of my favorite leaders, Albert Tate. He often captions snaps of his beautiful wife of 15 years as "My Girlfriend" and I completely connect. We all know that the boyfriend/girlfriend stage is a sweet one. Both parties are always longing for the next date night, in constant pursuit of what pleases each other, butterflies all around, and cute little bunnies hops out of each other's mouths whenever a word is spoken. It is the fire every relationship wishes to keep burning.

I strive to have the same relationship dynamic with the Person behind my faith. I want to get the giggles when I think of Him, aim to constantly pursue what He likes and does not like, I want to feel butterflies when He's near, and when He speaks, oh my... I want to melt like I would when I see little bunnies. Or in my case, I want to melt like I would when taking the first bite of a warm chocolate croissant bread pudding perfectly crafted with melting vanilla bean ice cream from Extraordinary Desserts. Sigh.

Pinky Promise SD is inactive now. Although I have gained a sisterhood that will last for eternity, literally. But if I were to be in a meeting with a new group and asked the basic ice-breaker questions, I hope that in my heart of hearts, I would still be able to say, "Hi, I'm Gerryyyy. And, Jesus is my boyfriendddd." Then melt all over again.

Longline Jersey Jacket - Asos | Striped Top - Karen Scott, Macys | Jeans - Levi's 
Boots - Danner | Hat - Art of Homage