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I know what you’re thinking, I am not my sister. But I loved taking these photos around my campus and being her model. The one good thing about living in a little apartment with seven other girls is that I have access to seven other closets. The fun, thrifted top is a gem from my lovely roommate Brenna, and I chose it to compliment the mature, dark blue of the pants. 

These jeans are incredibly comfortable, especially with the elastic waist. I wore these during Thanksgiving, and that says a lot. I looked put together, but I was able to last the whole night without having to unbutton my pants. The wash is a mature, dark blue denim, and I am grateful to add these “adult” jeans to my arsenal.

Top - Borrowed/Thrifted |  Jeans - Gifted by UNIONBAY
Shoes - Nordstrom Rack (similar)


Studying can be hard when you live with seven of your best friends, because you end up not finishing anything. So I often opt for off-campus locations, like a quiet library or my favorite coffee shops in Riverside like Augies Coffee or Lift Coffee Roasters. Because Fall/Winter in Riverside is Spring everywhere else, I get to wear my chunky sweaters with my favorite Rainbow sandals and fresh, ripped jeans. 

  • Light blue ripped jeans - I have pretty short legs, but these fit very well and are very flattering. The rips are edgy and strategically placed, but do not look tacky and unkept like some ripped jeans. The wash matches with everything, so I was very satisfied with these jeans. I personally do not like the gem detail on the ripped area, but I understand what Unionbay was trying to do. But for me, I would like if that detail was omitted.
  • The green sweater - Yes, yes, yes. Everything about this was perfect for the Fall/Winter weather. I got a size up, to emphasize the oversized look. I also loved the turtleneck, and would have never thought it would be so comfortable without making me look suffocated.
  • The maroon sweater - I enjoyed this simple sweater as well, and I loved the edition of the crisscross back detail to add a little personality. I also liked the flattering low neckline.

Sweaters - Gifted by UNIONBAY (green, burgundy
Jeans - Gifted by UNIONBAY | Sandals - Rainbows

Disclaimer: I was provided with a free product in return for my honest review. All thoughts and opinions expressed herin are my own and not influenced by the developing company, and/or its affiliates, in any way.

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