Coffee Tour: Seattle 10/17

I listened so hard because it felt like, while she was telling me stories, she was massaging my soul, letting me know that I was not alone, that I will never have to be alone, that there are friends and family and churches and coffee shops. I was not going to be cast into space.
— Donald Miller, Blue Like Jazz

Truth be told, every time I go on vacation, it ends up being a coffee tour! Coffee shops have been my safe haven ever since my teenage barista days. The smell, the sounds, and sights have become a community that I desire to explore and know. Seattle holds a very special place in my heart and if you are a coffee shop lover, you know why. A lush green land of rain, books, chocolates, and coffee- this land is my soul sister. It is a goal of mine to visit each year, in the search for Autumn feels that Seattle is very natural at doing. 

There are numerous coffee shops in Seattle, literally one in every corner, but below are three places that left a mark in my heart filled with coffee shop dreams. Below are some favorites- some new and some unchanging.


It's 9pm on a Thursday night and tourists are tucked away in their Airbnbs leaving this tabernacle calm yet buzzing with life and devotion. You enter chilled by the cool of the evening, but you are quickly embraced by warm aromatics of roasted coffee beans and steamed Madagascar vanilla bean sweetened by brown sugar. You sit bar-side surrounded by rich copper, amber lighting, unfamiliar gorgeous machinery and transcendental sounds. Baristas dressed in plaid complete with paperboy hats start to look like chemists formulating some kind of world peace vaccination. You are served a flight of rare, small-batch coffee presented in a beautiful display paired with chocolate truffles. Robust aromas heighten your senses as you taste flavors reminiscent of toasted almond, graham crackers, and bittersweet cacao accents in every sip. You take a bite of the perfectly paired Fran's Chocolate truffle beaming with silky caramel textures and salty goodness baptizing you into a lair of excellence, craftsmanship, and passion.

Welcome to the Willy Wonka Factory of Craft Coffee. Go thither.


Capitol Hill is the combination of North Park and Hillcrest, San Diego. North Park is the jam so I am definitely in my element when in Capitol Hill. Bursting with culture, identity, and civic pride, Capitol Hill is where groovy meets sultry, and grungy meets high-end. Quaint independently-owned boutiques, hole-in-the-wall dives, game-changing fusion eateries, and wall and street art. Capitol Hill is the perfect neighborhood for coffee shops filled with millennial conversations about revolution, work-life alignment struggles, and world travel on a budget over some velvety Aeropress coffee or espressos by Modbar systems. Clickity-click on my snaps above for details of my go-to's when in Capitol Hill.

**For mobile users, click on a picture to enlarge, then click the small circle on right hand corner for details. I got you.


So if my engineering-minded sister teamed up with dominantly right-brained moi to open up a coffee shop, I imagine it would produce an Ada's. This year's Seattle adventure allowed for my first experience at Ada's Technical Books and Cafe. The theme is definitely for engineers and developers and the otherwise science or mathematics-oriented, but Ada's is inviting for both modern and esoteric enthusiasts. The entire back section of the store is full of computer programming titles but whoever mandated their fiction selection has impeccable taste. 

Let's talk interior design and vibes. You are greeted by a perfectly subtle-volumed playlist that consists of Muse, to Legend of Zelda instrumentals, to the Game of Thrones opening. Ceiling mobiles of technical illustrations set the tone for the communal area, floor-to-ceiling bookshelves, hip industrial light bulbs, fascinating gadgets under glass-topped work tables, and gorgeous natural lighting invites you to stay and never leave. It's like San Diego's Holsem Coffee meets SD Downtown Library meets refined and grown.

Then there is the cafe- the other half of this shop. Ada's cafe brews delicious Kuma Coffee beans and offers a vegetarian menu that even carnivores will enjoy. Just order the tasty and savory shakshuka and you'll be alright. Also, order one or two of their freshly baked pastries of the day over one or two cups of lattes because you're an adult and you can do whatever you want. 

When I retire in about 50 years, find me at Ada's in every misty, Seattle morning. 


Seattle is just a stunning utopian coffee realm you know? Who wants to go on the next coffee tour with me? And comment down below to send me a link of your favorite coffee shop in your city! Please!