Travel Photo Journal: Portland 10/17

Shorty keep hollerin’ at me. Told her I’m a young OG from the west and I’m repping up the 503.
— Heebiejeebies, Good for You Album by Aminé

Liberal, wet, green, grungy, and quirky. That's Portland in five words. I spent some time in Stumptown last month and below are photos captured by an amateur photographer (yours truly) of sights, eats and coffee, and shoppes I would visit again and again. Thinking of starting this "Travel Photo Journal" series whenever I am out of town. Just snaps and simple notes. What do you think? I shall.

So here is We Are Bebot's first Travel Photo Journal, Portland edition! Clickity-click on the photographs for details and links.

Disclaimer: For best viewing pleasure, view this post on your desk/laptop. To view details and links of photos on your phone, click on a photo to enlarge, then click the small circle on right corner.





Favor. Comment down below and let me know your favorite spots in Portland. Also would not mind tips and tricks of your personal photography and editing skills. Thanks so much, Bebots!