Jacket SZN Week - Trench

Everyone prays in the end.
— Pray, The Thrill of it All Album by Sam Smith

Well here it is my lovely Bebots, I am ending Jacket SZN Week with an in-yo-face, rust-colored trench jacket of my dreams. I crushed so hard on this trench for almost two months. Peeked every other week in my favorite H&M to see if any discount was available, holding my breath every time to see if my size was still on the floor. Praying consistently, I received a 20% off coupon in the mail and promptly made an executive decision to purchase this statement piece. It's a hard job.

Fun fact: The trench's OG purpose was to be worn by Army officers (developed prior WW1, but adapted for use in the trenches of WW1, hence its name). Now you know why trench jacket's styling looks like it came out of a soldier's closet. Thomas Burberry, who started as a draper's apprentice, invented the gabardine fabric in 1879 and submitted a design for an Army officer's raincoat to the United Kingdom War Office in 1901. In 1856, he founded Burberry at only 21 years old and opened his own store in Basingstoke, Hampshire, England (source: Wikipedia) .

Another fun fact: Thomas Burberry was also a devout believer who liked to hold prayer meetings every morning (source: also Wikipedia). So Thomas Burberry was an iconic outfitter/designer/craftsman/stylist AND a prayer warrior? Hashtag, goals.

I had a friend in youth group that I looked up to in my teens. Long and perfect hair, slender and walked as if gravity didn't exist, meek and humble as could be. She was whom I imagined a "1 Timothy 4:12" teenager would be. We used to write each other BFF notes delivered by hand, paired with a wholesome hug before we said goodbye at every youth group gathering. Every note, she would write a valediction that was hard to forget:

"Prayer moves the hands that moves the world."

"That's life, Anak [my child]," was my Dad's answer when I told him my Mom had passed. I felt like a toddler completely abandoned. What am I suppose to do now! Where do I go? HOW! I thought my Dad was the coldest person alive for a while but I realize now that he was just calling spade, a spade. Life has heartbreaks. Life is hard. Life has endings.

I have no idea what it is about prayer, but when I pray in the midst of sleepless nights, it stirs new hope and calms the waves of my life. Obviously, there are far more important things that's going on in this crazy world than this little blog's Jacket SZN Week. Incomprehensible things. Tragic things. And how I empathize with our brothers and sisters that cries, "We need more than prayers." But what do I do with unnatural catastrophic events that is produced by a troubled, monstrous soul? In times like these, I have to believe that prayer not only moves the hands that moves the world, but I have to believe that prayer also moves the hands that moves hearts and minds (source: personal experience).

Friends, thank you so much for joining me for We Are Bebot's first ever lookbook week. Each post was a great adventure- sometimes emotional, but I am happy with it and I truly hope it inspired, made you smile, and gave you a little break from this mad world. Be hopeful out there. Wear a bright rust trench jacket to let the world know that you don't live in fear. Or as some unknown hero wisely professed:


Trench - H&M (In-Store Only) (similar) | Jeans - Torrid (similar) | Scarf - Urban Outfitters
Beanie - Target | Boots - Tahari, Macy's (similar) | Purse - Marc Jacobs, Nordstrom Rack (similar) | Latte - Victrola