We Are Bebot Defined


Bebot (n): \beh·boht\
A Tagalog word from the Filipino culture meaning “Babe,” “Hot Chick,” or Woman.

Welcome to our passion project, to our hearts, to a public process of our growth towards inner and outer consistency, authenticity, and becoming fully human.

This project is made so we can fully understand and fully illuminate the Bebots in the world. Our song, "An Ode to the Strong and Soulful Women."

This is for our girlfriends and cousins turned sisters, our aunts, our women mentors turned mothers and our mothers, our grandmothers. For the stay at home moms. For the underrepresented woman. For the student that changed her major for the third time. For the 9-to-5 professional. For the double/triple-job hustler. For the burned-out single lady. For the newly divorced woman. For the Nanay with cracked hands and a wooden spoon. 

This is for you. 

This is for us. 

This is our blog, originally incarnated as a dedication to our OG Bebot, our muse, Maria Victoria “Bebot” Passion. Auntie Bebot to many, Mama to us. 

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Victoria “Bebot” Passion’s life was the definition of a true Bebot. She was a little flirty and a lot of stylish. She had  strut in her walk, but gentleness in her touch. She was city, yet homey. Celebration was her language. Laughter was her sustenance. 

Mama, who would walk into rooms wearing an ensemble consisting of an over-sized black blazer, black bandeau underneath, light blue denim jeans with tall black pumps. Her existence demanded attention. She was incredibly present. She gave all who she was, her passion, her focus (as much as she could), her personality, to everyone she met.

Yet, she was a little crazy, spacey. She was forgetful. And she was a little everywhere at most times.

But she loved. Oh, how she loved. And her love was a world in itself. 

But most did not know, she had her demons. The world did not know how to handle this type of flame, how to receive such a deep love. The world did not deserve her.

And so, this is for her, created by her two daughters that live in the star dust of her beautiful, unrealized life. 

We write and create, in dedication to the women in this world that we will never fully deserve. We want you to know that we are for you. We stand by you. We are cheering for you. We are so proud of you. 

So who is Bebot, you may ask?

Bebot is grit and class. 

Bebot is gypsies and homebodies. 

Bebot is soul food. 

Bebot is lovely. 

Bebot is rough. 

Bebot is simple. 

Bebot is timeless. 

Bebot is tasteful. 

Bebot is family.

Bebot is learning.

Bebot is the beauty and the ugliness and everything in between. 

Our definition is not a neat one, but more a growing list of undiscovered paradoxes. We are all Bebot.

Here at We Are Bebot, we want to be honest to each other and to never apologize about who we are.

We Are Bebot wants to be a safe space where we talk about who we are, who we want to become. Where you are allowed to talk about the hard stuff. Where you are allowed to talk about the silly stuff.

We will feature different women in our lives that reminds us of some of our Mama's characteristics from time to time and celebrate their beauty, their resilience, their intelligence. We will fill this space with our passions, style, adventures, hopes and prayers for our world, thoughts.

Together, we wish to restore hope and to speak wholeness and vulnerability. We hope to grow into our original creation and to build a community of encouraging, powerful, flaming women.

So, we invite you and we open are doors to you. You are welcome. You are family. You are home.