Jacket SZN Week - Retro

I’m gonna pop some tags.
— Thrift Shop, The Heist Album by Macklemore

Jacket season (SZN) is among us and I picked (and packed) five of my MUST HAVE jackets for the SZN. It was awesome spending some R&R in the beautiful Pacific Northwest so these outfits that I'll be posting in the next couple of days are jacket SZN ready and were necessary to wear. Let's get this lookbook party started shall we? First off in Jacket SZN Week - the Retro Jacket. 

I scored this ultra retro suede leather jacket early on this year with my Sisi at the Rancho Coastal Humane Society Thrift Shop in Encinitas, California. She was getting ready to visit her sweetheart at Grand Rapids, Michigan and she needed some warm clothes to prepare for frost without breaking the bank. My sister is a great thrifter and she genuinely enjoys it. I am happy to thrift when I am in the hunt for outerwear. It's trickier to find curvy sizes at thrift shops here in SoCal from my personal experience but when it comes to outerwear, I have more options because of the men's section. Yes! I found this jacket in the men's section and was instantly drawn to it's urban, retro vibes. The tag inside read "authentic suede leather" #ayye, price was $30 with a red dot meaning it was an extra 50% off. Immediately took it down to my local dry cleaners to have the inside and fur steamed clean totaling $19 for this jacket that I am sure will last forever and even more perks - donating part of that money to our furry loved ones. #praisedance

This jacket was perfect for small hikes to catch amazing views of Columbia River Gorge-ous in Hood River, Oregon. I also felt quite the local wearing this jacket in Downtown Portland. Everyone there is so unique to say the least when it comes to style. I can people watch for days in PDX- a mix of grunge, quirky, urban, and hipster. Just MY people, you know?

I wonder where else this jacket has been. I wonder who owned it previously. I imagine an outdoorsy, middle-aged, tall and husky, dark and handsome owner. Hobbies? Fishing and craft beer with friends. Favorite music artist? Christopher George Latore Wallace. Location? Alaska. Reason why he donated it? He moved to sunny southern California and bought Rainbows instead.

Stoked that my imaginary new homie decided to live down the street, I am now the proud owner of this super dope jacket and it is a MUST for Jacket SZN.

Jacket - Vintage, Rancho Coastal Humane Society Thrift Shop (similar) | Top - Free People
Jeans - Supplies by UNIONBAY, Nordstrom Rack (similar) | Boots - Timberland (similar)
Necklace - The Giving Keys | Beanie - Target | Belt - Ross (similar)