Twisted LBD

I compare the Twist to the electric light, The Twist is me, and I’m it. I’m the electric light.
— Chubby Checker

I like things to be a little twisted. Who does not love movies with a great plot twist? Personally, not so much "I see dead people" kind of twist (I like to live anxiety-free as much as possible), but I'm down for more like Ryan Pierce and Sasha Franklin makes-up and stays besties for life and becomes boss lady business partners kind of twist. Books are the best entertainment for twists. Gillian Flynn is straight up twisted with the rise of her queens of crazy B's, and when all the Victors were doomed as Tributes for the 75th games? Now that was some twisted ship. Gotta love twisted food. I vote yes for poke bowls topped with Flamin' Hot Cheetos and fried salmon belly, extra salty. Low-Key Poke Joint, next to my sister, you're my priority when in Riverside, CA. Let's talk humor with a twist. Twisted humor as some calls it. Whatever it is- yes, I will absolutely make my sister hide in our brother's dark empty bedroom as he walks in clueless. It's just for a little surprise. We love him deeply and loving deeply should be action-packed.

Clothing and shoes with a twist just floats my boat. They say we always want what we don't have and I often wonder if I could ever live life with just a minimalist style. So in my attempt to be un-extra, my paradoxical "NEED" list on my iPhone notes reminded me that I am due for a classic and simple, super low top leather sneakers in white. White as snow. It's a staple that my sister would have in her wardrobe because she's got that minimalist style in the bag. But you know what I ended up with? A classic and simple, super low top leather sneakers in cream. Buttery cream that Nike claims to be white. True story.

A classic and simple mid-length LBD was also in my "NEED" list. Being true to self, I chose this not-so-simple, easy-wear t-shirt material LBD with metallic silver stripes and it didn't have to twist my arm. The best part? It's asymmetrical hemline embellished with fringe to help me twist again like I did last summer.

Dress - Zara | Coat - Asos | Shoes - Report, Nordstsrom Rack (similar)
Earrings - H&M (similar) | Sunnies - Forever 21 (similar) | Lippie - Nars, Funny Face

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